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When will Tartu 2024 take place and what is the European Capital of Culture?

The events of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 takes place throughout the whole of 2024. This is the year when Tartu and South Estonia become a European centre of culture and creativity.

The title of European Capital of Culture is awarded to 2-3 European cities each year to enable them to showcase their cultural heritage and diversity as well as to organise international cultural events. Tartu 2024 is a unique opportunity to highlight the culture of our region and to create a dialogue with other European cities. In addition to Tartu, Bad Ischl in Austria and Bodø in Norway are also European Capitals of Culture in 2024.

What type of events will take place in Tartu 2024?

Tartu 2024 will feature a diverse cultural programme including exhibitions, concerts, theatre productions, performances, film festivals, lectures and much more. Many of Tartu 2024's events are cross-sectoral and will bring joy to local residents and visitors alike.

You can find more information about Tartu 2024 events and programmes on our official website www.tartu2024.ee and by following us on social media. The most up-to-date information will reach you via the Tartu 2024 social media channels.

How can I be part of Tartu 2024?

Being part of Tartu 2024 is easy! Visiting Tartu and South Estonia in 2024, you will be able to take part in our diverse cultural programme. In addition, you can purchase Tartu 2024 merch from our e-shop to show your love and support for the European Capital of Culture project.


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